Glorious Green Juice

I am an avid juicer.  I juice to rid my body of toxins, clear skin, boost my immune system and because it’s good for me.  When I first started juicing,  I wanted to purchase my own juicer.  I found that purchasing juices at my local juice bar limited me to what was on their menu and it was getting a bit pricey.  So, I researched juicers and learned all that I could possibly learn before I made the purchase.  Here’s the rundown.  There are three types of juicers: the centrifugal, masticating and hydraulic press. 

The centrifugal juicer is generally the most popular and most affordable juicer.  It chops up the juice with its cutting blade and spins the produce at a very high speed.  This produces more heat, which oxidizes the juice.  It doesn’t extract the full amount of juice from your produce, but it is fast and efficient.

The masticating juicer runs at a lower speed, which means it generates less heat.  It chews your produce producing less pulp, giving you more nutrients and more juice.  The one I purchased that I’ve had for over a decade is the Champion Juicer 2000 Commercial.  It has served me well.

The hydraulic press juicer (the mother of all juicers) produces the best quality juices and is the most expensive.  The hydraulic press has two steel plates, clamps down on the pulp and puts extreme pressure, thus releasing more juice than any other type of juicer. 

So, there’s my quick Juicer 101 if you’re interested in becoming a regular juicer.  Once you purchase your juicer and you’re not sure what to juice, I recommend carrots and apples or carrots and beets as a starter.  When I started juicing, the first book I purchased was an amazing book called, Miracle Juices by Charmaine Yabsley.  The book has beautiful pictures of juice and each juice is either linked to a specific ailment or categorized by dieting, weight gain, and so on.  I remember when I first purchased my juicer, I went juice crazy and I think I made pretty much every juice in the Miracle Juices book.  These days I juice what’s in my fridge as I often stock my fridge weekly with various types of produce.

I made this glorious green juice as it has been a minute since I made green juice and to help me manage a cold. Swiss chard is packed with nutrition and comes in various colors: green, rainbow and yellow stems.  It also is mildly bitter so for those a bit apprehensive about the flavor of green juice, I'd highly recommend this combination as an introduction.  You're getting all your nutrients and a great tasting juice!

Glorious Green Juice//serves one

2 cups swiss chard
2 persian cucumbers
4 carrots
1 medium-sized pear
1-inch piece ginger

Wash all produce and feed through your juicer.  Enjoy as soon as possible.