Mango Rosewater Nice Cream

Mango Rosewater Nice Cream

Guys, I’m officially in love with Nice Cream!  It’s refreshing, healthy and super easy and quick to make.  It requires frozen fruits, mostly banana and all other ingredients such as nuts, nut butters, chocolate blended up into a soft serve consistency. 

National Ice Cream Day just passed and I wanted to make ice cream but not deal with the laborious task of making homemade ice cream.  Enter Nice Cream.  Mango Rosewater Nice Cream at that!  If you have never used rosewater in your food prep, I’d highly recommend it.  It is a fragrant water flavored by steeping rose petals in water.  It is used in a lot of Middle Eastern cooking, particularly desserts.  

To make this nice cream, you need fresh, ripe mango (frozen preferably), frozen bananas, coconut cream, and rosewater.  Blend the ingredients, stopping the blender 2-3 times to mash down the ingredients until you get a creamy consistency. Transfer to a bowl and garnish with extra mango if you’d like. I used pistachios and edible rose petals.


Mango Rosewater Nice Cream//serves 2

nice cream
2 fresh or frozen(preferably) ripe mangoes
2 frozen ripe bananas
1 can coconut milk, refrigerated overnight, top layer only
2 tablespoons rose water

Edible rose petals
Diced mango

Blend the ingredients in a blender, stopping 2-3 times to mash down until a smooth and creamy consistency.  Transfer to bowl and top with diced mango, pistachios and/or edible rose petals.